Courses other than MBBS for Biology Students

Courses other than MBBS for Biology Students

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Have you passed twelfth Science stream? It is safe to say that you are searching for acceptable Science courses other than MBBS? On the off chance that indeed, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve recorded down some great elective courses for clinical understudies.

MBBS Choices

As we as a whole know, Science stream comprises of two primary gatherings. They are –

PCM Gathering (Math)

PCB Gathering (Science)

Note: PCMB is additionally a chance.

Designing is an exceptionally mainstream decision among PCM bunch understudies. Likewise, MBBS is a mainstream decision among PCB bunch understudies!

It isn’t unprecedented to see Science bunch understudies competing for Clinical seats! In any case, MBBS training is serious in India. The quantity of clinical seats is incredibly low, when contrasted with the competitors showing up for clinical placement tests!

In India, there are two kinds of Clinical universities. They are –

Government Clinical Schools (State and Focal Govt worked)

SF (Self Financed Clinical Schools)

Government Schools are known to offer clinical instruction at financed rates! The expense, generally, is borne by the Public authority (State or Focal). However, the quantity of Govt MBBS seats are restricted. Among a huge number of hopefuls, just a modest bunch of competitors can land Government seats!

Self Financed MBBS seats are additionally very restricted in number! SF Schools and Colleges charge a heavy expenses however! For some wannabes and their families, this expenses isn’t reasonable!

At such a period, Science bunch understudies check out them for choices! Also, they do have a modest bunch of good courses to look over. Here they are –



BDS represents Unhitched male of Dental Medical procedure. To turn into a Dental specialist, one should finish this scholarly program. This course is 5 years in length (counting temporary job).


This course will help you become an Enrolled Attendant (RN)! The course term is 3-4 years. The scholarly program comprises of homeroom addresses and down to earth preparing.

B.PHARM. (Unhitched male OF Drug store)

B.Pharm. Degree will help you become an authorized scientist in India. The course span is 4 years. The course fundamentally centers around subjects like drug store, science, science and medical care.


Pharm D and B.Pharm. are two unique courses! Pharm D course represents Specialist of Drug store. It is further developed than B.Pharm. course! The course length is 6 years.


BAMS represents Lone wolf of Ayurvedic Medication and Medical procedure. In contrast to MBBS, this course centers around ideas of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medication. In the wake of finishing this course, one will acquire the title of Specialist (Ayurveda). The course is 5.5 years long.


BHMS represents Lone wolf of Homeopathic Medication and Medical procedure. This order targets treating patients utilizing homeopathic techniques and medication. In the wake of finishing this course, one will acquire the title of Specialist (Homeopathic). The course is 5.5 years long.


BUMS represents Lone wolf of Unani Medication and Medical procedure. This control targets treating patients utilizing the Unani arrangement of mending. The course is 5.5 years long.


BPT represents Unhitched male of Physiotherapy. This control utilizes back rubs, activities and development of muscles to treat patients who are have experienced wounds mishaps or are recuperating from medical procedures. The course is 4.5 years long.

B.V.SC. and A.H.

This course is prevalently known as Single guy of Veterinary Science and Creature Farming. This order centers around the utilization of science and innovation to treat and forestall sicknesses happening in creatures. The course is years long.

BOT (Lone ranger OF Word related Treatment)

BOT course centers around Word related Treatment. This order is tied in with utilizing works out, preparing, supporting gadgets, natural transformation and hardware to treat patients experiencing physical, mental, passionate and neurological impediments. The course is 4.5 years long.


This course centers around subjects, for example, – audiology, hearing problems, hear-able frameworks and discourse language treatment. The course is 5 years in length (counting the temporary position).


B.Sc. Nursing is the most famous science course among science understudies. Aside from nursing, there are numerous other important science courses accessible in India. Some of them are –

B.Sc. Organic chemistry

B.Sc. Science

B.Sc. Physical science

B.Sc. Science

B.Sc. Natural Science

B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Word related Treatment

B.Sc. Physiotherapy

B.Sc. Radiology

B.Sc. Bioinformatics

B.Sc. Human sciences

B.Sc. Microbiology

B.Sc. Zoology

B.Sc. Legal Science

B.Sc. Farming

B.Sc. Pathology

B.Sc. Language training

B.F.Sc. (Fisheries Science)

B.Sc. Cultivation

B.Sc. Hereditary qualities

B.Sc. Wellbeing Science and Nourishment

B.Sc. Sports Science

B.Sc. Audiology

B.Sc. Natural science


Paramedical courses are identified with the associated medical care area. Such courses manages subjects like clinical lab innovation, finding innovation, radiology and so on Here are the absolute best paramedical courses accessible in India –

B.Sc. in Activity Theater Innovation

B.Sc. in X Beam Innovation

B.Sc. in Radiography and Clinical Imaging

B.Sc. in Dialysis Innovation

B.Sc. in Clinical Record Innovation

B.Sc. in Clinical Research facility Innovation

B.Sc. in Ophthalmic Innovation

Lone ranger of Word related Treatment

Single man of Physiotherapy

B.Sc. in Language training

BASLP Course

B.Sc. in Audiology

B.Sc. in Sedation Innovation

B.Sc. in Audiology and Language training

B.Sc. in Optometry

Certificate in Activity Theater Innovation (DOTT)

Certificate in X Beam Innovation

Certificate in Radiography and Clinical Imaging

Recognition in ECG Innovation

Recognition in Dialysis Innovation

Certificate in Clinical Record Innovation

Certificate in Clinical Research center Innovation (DMLT)

Certificate in Ophthalmic Innovation

Certificate in Physiotherapy

Certificate in Sedation Innovation

Certificate in Nursing Care Associate

Certificate in Sterile Assessor

Certificate in Hearing Language and Discourse (DHLS)

Certificate in Dental Hygienist

Certificate in Audiometry Professional

Certificate in Audiology and Language training

X-Beam/Radiology Associate (or Professional)

Clinical Research facility Partner

Activity Theater Associate

Nursing Care Associate (Testament)

ECG Associate

Dental Associate

Ophthalmic Associate

CT Output Professional

Dialysis Specialist

X-ray Professional

Aside from the previously mentioned courses, PCB bunch understudies additionally approach work situated Recognition courses, Endorsement courses and ITI programs. So, they do approach numerous expert courses! You may likewise check – thorough rundown of courses after twelfth science.

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